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Why use a a meat knife?


Whether you’re cutting and preparing raw meat or slicing cooked meats, meat knives have the advantage of specially adapted blades.

When it comes to preparing food, the first thing to do with a meat knife is to cut the meat ‘properly’ and easily, in accordance with butchery standards.
Cutting meat properly means not only that you’ll have beautiful pieces of meat to cook, but also that the meat won’t bleed during cooking and will retain its tenderness and juiciness.

Meat knives will then enable you to make beautiful slices in no time at all, or to cut your poultry with greater ease.

They will also be useful for making the strips and cubes of meat you need for your recipes.

You can recognise a meat knife by its sharp, thin blade.
The pointed edge makes it easier to penetrate the flesh and to orientate the blade when necessary, for boning and skinning for example.
The fineness of the blade limits its adherence to the fibres of the meat.
The combination of these two characteristics of meat knife blades means that the cut is clean and straightforward, allowing you to cook or serve pieces of meat in the best possible conditions.

Meat knives complement the indispensable chef’s knife.

Focused on cutting and slicing meat, they can’t be used for other dishes, but they allow you to work and cut all types of meat with greater precision, efficiency and speed than any other knife.


What are the different
meat knives?


If we add the knives used by professional butchers to the kitchen knives, there are a large number of meat knives.
Here is a presentation of the main meat knives by knife family.


Butcher knives
and specific knives for butchery :


These knives are intended for professional use in butchery or for people who are experienced in cutting up meat carcasses.
The blade, which is always pointed, widens very quickly and increasingly towards the wide handle, which is usually made of plastic for health reasons.
Butchers’ knives come in a range of sizes, depending on the piece of meat to be cut.

The skinning knife and the bleeding knife are specific butchers’ knives. They both have a reasonably sized blade, which is very sharp and fine for very precise work.
To use them properly without stressing the meat, you need to master the cutting techniques specific to the butcher’s trade.

The bleeding knife, as its name suggests, is used to kill the animal after stunning.
The skinning knife is used to remove unwanted parts of the meat, such as nerves, tendons and ligaments.

Finally, the butcher’s blades and cleaver knives, with their axe-shaped blades, are used to mince and flatten the meat.

The cleaver is used in a wide range of kitchen knives to cut meat into small pieces, and to cut the small bones of rabbits and poultry, for example.


Kitchen knives for meat :


Boning knife :
The boning knife is another knife that straddles the line between butchery and cooking.
It is used to work raw meat efficiently, and in particular to remove bones, tendons and bits of fat.
It has a very sharp, relatively short blade (usually 12 or 13 cm) to make it easy to handle.


Slicing knives :
Slicing knives are knives with a blade designed for slicing raw or cooked meat.
Their long, thin, pointed blade makes it easy to attack the meat and slice it without the pieces sticking together too much.
They are also often used at the table, as carving knives, for efficient slicing of roasts and large pieces of meat.


Steak knife:
The steak knife is another knife that straddles the line between kitchen cutlery and table cutlery, where it is the knife dedicated to meat.
Its sharp blade, a combination of the spirit of the slicing knife and the boning knife in a reduced version, makes it easy to work meticulously with meat in the kitchen and to cut cooked meat easily for optimal eating at the table.
Meat lovers will prefer the smooth blade version, which cuts meat without tearing it, while those looking for ease of maintenance will opt for a blade with micro-denture to combine the useful with the pleasurable.


Ham knife :
The ham knife is one of the most multi-purpose kitchen knives available.
It has a thin, long (around 30 cm), rectangular blade with a round tip, which makes it easy to cut a whole ham, cooked or raw, into thin, even slices.
When it is alveolated, the blade creates air bubbles when cutting, allowing the meat to detach more easily from the steel.
It’s important to remain vigilant and use a stable support to cut your ham accurately (and safely).


Is the meat knife multi-purpose ?


Meat knives, as their name suggests, are essentially designed for working with and slicing meat. They are therefore not very versatile in the kitchen.

They should, however, be at the top of the list of kitchen knives to have, after the indispensable chef’s knife and paring knife, because they make omnivorous cooking so much easier.

If you have to choose just one, opt for a 20cm slicer. Its blade will enable you to work with meat in a variety of ways and will also allow you to cut fruit and vegetables.


What materials are used in goyon-Chazeau meat knives?


The GOYON-CHAZEAU range includes the various “kitchen” meat knives described above. All are made from forged stainless steel, a guarantee of hard, even steel with an ultra-high-performance cutting edge that’s easy to maintain.

Forged from a bar of steel, struck and then cut, they are then worked piece by piece by hand to produce well-balanced, ergonomic knives for everyday use.

Our range includes different knife designs and handle materials for your enjoyment.

With an all stainless steel handle for easy maintenance, or a classic wooden handle for comfort and warmth in the hand, all you have to do is choose your meat knife and you’ll be on your way to culinary prowess!

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