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The chef’s knife is one of the most essential knives you’ll ever need in your kitchen.

It’s an essential that shouldn’t be chosen lightly; it should become an extension of the hand, the Chef’s Kitchen Knife!


The chef’s knife, the right knife for cooking everything

Why the Chef’s Knife is so emblematic of the Chef in the kitchen and culinary preparation?
Because, thanks the shape of its blade, it is multi-purpose and can be used for just about every cutting need, in culinary preparation as well as for slicing cooked meats.

The chef’s knife can peel, cut, slice, chop, break, open, flatten, lift and handle more or less any food.

It comes in a range of sizes, from 15cm to around 25cm, but it’s the 20cm blade that offers the most possibilities, because it’s easy to handle yet long enough to work with all types of food.


Chef’s knife and materials of excellence

To choose the right chef’s knife is therefore essential to success in the kitchen.
The quality of the materials used to make the knife and the work that has gone into its manufacture will determine the quality of the knife.

In terms of materials, Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU offers two types of steel:

  • For our forged knives, we have selected X50CrMov15 (1.4116) stainless steel, also known as Z50CD15 (AFNOR designation). Enriched with chromium, molybdenum and vanadium and doped with nitrogen, this steel achieves a hardness of 54-56HRC, ideal for a long-lasting cutting edge while retaining the suppleness needed for intensive use in the kitchen.
  • We use Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel for our cut knives. This is one of the latest additions to the Sandvik range. Enriched with carbon and nitrogen, this top-of-the-range steel guarantees a blade of high hardness (56-58 HRC), for a fine grind, high-performance cutting and good resistance to corrosion.

At the same time, each of our lines of kitchen knives, and therefore our chef’s knives, comes with a handle selected for its qualities: the durability and authenticity of oak, the peppery scent and softness of juniper, the ease of care of stainless steel, the durability and eco-friendliness of Evergreen…


Practice the Art of Cooking with hand-crafted knives

In terms of manufacturing quality, every GOYON-CHAZEAU kitchen knife, and therefore every chef’s knife, is handcrafted in our workshop in Thiers city area.

Our expertise as Master Knifemakers, acquired over generations, enables us to judiciously combine the knowledge and techniques of knifemaking and to master every stage in the manufacture of our kitchen knives to satisfy the needs of top chefs, budding chefs and everyday cooks alike.
In this way, the art of cutlery serves the art of cooking and gastronomy by offering top-quality, long-lasting chef’s knives that cut (and will cut!), feel good in the hand and support chefs with their comforting efficiency.


Which chef’s knife should you use to serve your work of culinary art?

Would you like to maximise your chances of creating culinary masterpieces, or simply enjoy cooking?

All our ranges of forged kitchen knives are equally good in terms of the quality of the blade and the care taken with the cutting edge. So make your choice according to your cutting habits, the ergonomics you’re looking for, your preferred materials and your style!

Here’s an overview of the benefits of each of our kitchen knife ranges:

  • Le Thiers cuisine : For chefs who like to smell their knife in every sense of the word, as the juniper handle gives off a peppery scent. Modern line with long handles offering 19 different kitchen knives.
  • Tradichef : 13 cooking knives with slim, standard-sized handles. The Sabatier line design will appeal to cooks who like traditional knives.
  • Stylver : 18 stylish kitchen knives with forged blades and hollow handles, appreciated for their balance, ergonomics and the ease of maintenance offered by “all stainless steel” manufacturing.
  • Audacieuse : A line of kitchen knives that defies the norm and takes a bold step forward: style in the kitchen, masculine and feminine codes, modern and classic… 10 knives for those who want to combine style, practicality (with an Evergreen handle) and efficiency.


Finally, our range of cut steel kitchen knives, Le P’tit Tradi and Le Grand Tradi, are no match for the forged ranges.
The full tang laser cut (which covers the entire length and width of the handle) is a guarantee of quality, solidity and balance, and the carbon-enriched 14C28N steel is renowned for its quality and cutting performance.


Ergonomics and aesthetics combined in our handles

When choosing a chef’s knife, it is important to check the quality of the workmanship and the way the knife feels in the hand.

Some people like to feel the weight of the knife, so they don’t cut themselves while working, while others prefer a lightweight chef’s knife that’s easy to forget, so they can work quickly and well without getting tired.

Whatever your preference, always make sure that your hand is correctly positioned on the handle: a chef’s knife is most often held with the thumb and forefinger on the blade, and the other fingers on the handle.

Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU offers a range of handle styles to help you find the perfect combination of ergonomics and aesthetics for your hand!

When you choose a GOYON-CHAZEAU knife, you can be sure of choosing a quality, ergonomic and aesthetic knife, crafted from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.


Perfect knife sets for any aspiring chef

If you’re looking for your first set of kitchen knives , want to try your hand at cooking with quality knives or simply want to give a present to your favourite chef, Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU has 3 knife sets to meet your everyday cooking needs.

  • An “omnivorous” knife set containing
    • a paring knife (for food preparation),
    • a 20cm Chef’s knife (indispensable multi-purpose knife with all-purpose size),
    • a slicing knife (for working with raw or cooked meat)
  • A set of knives for working with fruit and vegetables, including
    • a paring knife (for food preparation),
    • a 20cm Chef’s knife (indispensable multi-purpose knife with all-purpose size),
    • a Santoku Japanese knife (for chopping herbs, mincing all types of fruit and vegetables and crushing berries and pods).
  • A P’tit and Grand Tradi Duo set, to equip yourself with good, multipurpose and complementary chefs’ knives without stretching your budget too much.
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