A reply to your desires Sell or work with our knives? Goyon-Chazeau works with professionals
GOYON-CHAZEAU is a company that designs and manufactures table knives and cutlery pieces, kitchen knives and pocket knives.

For several decades we have been marketing our knives

  • with sales professionals: retailers, department stores, e-shops, etc.
  • with hotel and catering professionals
  • from companies in the context of corporate gifts
BECOME A RESELLER OF GOYON-CHAZEAU PRODUCTS Shops and reseller corners Quality knives and cutlery pieces, 100% France
You have a store and you are looking for a French brand with all types of knives? Become a GOYON-CHAZEAU reseller!

Our cutlery produces table knives, kitchen knives and pocket knives in its workshop.
Our chef’s, kitchen and table knives and our cutlery are all shipped with attractive and suitable sales packaging.

They are sold in boxes or individually and designed to meet all budgets and all tastes.

We offer a recommended retail price list for resellers and sales aids to support you in marketing.

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Choose Goyon-chazeau Hospitality and catering professionals In the kitchen, in the dining room, in the sales area
Are you interested in our knives and cutlery to equip your chef, your brigade, your dinning room? To sell in your shop?

Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU adapts to the needs of Chefs and professionals in the hotel and catering industry.

GOYON-CHAZEAU offers to HORECA professionnals personalized or made-to-measure knives from our existing knives and cutlery in order to match as closely as possible with your dining room atmosphere or the needs of your brigade.

Our cutlery company also offers a wide range of knife and cutlery boxes for extraordinary souvenir gifts. So your customers take with them a bit of the experience they had in your establishment.

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Contact us to find out about our offers for professionals and find out about the different possibilities for marking your logo or the text you want on our products or their boxes.