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Knife accessories by Goyon-Chazeau


In addition to the sale of kitchen knives, table knives and cutlery pieces and pocket knives, Goyon-Chazeau also proposes accessories to maintain and protect your blades and keep your knives within easy reach in complete safety.


Belt knife pouches:
comfort and practicality


The pouch being an essential accessory to protect pocket knives, Goyon-Chazeau provides a simple protective pouch with each of its folding knives.
The pouch protects your knife, but also prevents the knife from damaging your pockets or your bag by wearing the fabric by friction.

Goyon-Chazeau also offers leather belt pouches.
While it can easily be slipped into a pocket or a bag, this pouch can above all be attached to the belt in a vertical or horizontal position – depending on what you find most practical and comfortable – thanks to their double loop leather buckle.

Fitted with a snap closure, the belt pouch protects your pocket knife while keeping it close at hand, without the risk of losing it.

GOYON-CHAZEAU leather pouches are made locally and are therefore 100% France.



Store and proof your blades
with Goyon-Chazeau’s knife blocks


Taking care of your kitchen knives also means ensuring that they are stored correctly.

A more than practical accessory, the knife block not only allows you to store and protect your knives, and above all their cutting edge, which must be preserved from any shock to last a long time, but also to prevent you from inattentive injuries.
The knife block also enable you  to always keep the knives at hand, especially when cooking: Long live the clean kitchen drawers!

GOYON-CHAZEAU offers several blocks for knives:

  • Oak inclined blocks for 5, 7 or 12 knives;
  • Straight beech wood block with stainless steel bar for 5 knives,

A slot is provided for each blade, which facilitates everyday use ;

  • 4 pieces magnetic beech wood block : a block for 4 knives of your choice.

Discover our knife blocks, designed to nicely accommodate and protect your Goyon-Chazeau’s kitchen knives.

GOYON-CHAZEAU knife blocks are made of wood, made locally, and are therefore all 100% France.



Show off and keep your knives ready to use:
Magnetic bar for kitchen knives


The wall-mounted magnetic bar is another storage accessory for kitchen knives proposed by GOYON-CHAZEAU.

Available in 2 sizes, 45cm & 60cm, our magnetic bars are fixed to the wall by means of 2 notches drilled in the bar.

Our bars are magnetized over their entire length.
They are available in beech wood and black Paperstone (60cm bar magnet only).

A practical and aesthetic accessory to showcase and easily use your most beautiful knives!

Made in France.



A sharpening steel
to put your knives back like new


The cutting edge of GOYON-CHAZEAU kitchen knives is worked on a double grind base to be ultra-efficient, usable by right-handed and left-handed people, and easy to maintain.

To keep it for a long time, it is necessary to maintain this edge by sharpening the blade as soon as the knife seems to cut a little less.

To do this, choose between the various sharpening steels of GOYON-CHAZEAU’catalog.
To choose from according to your habits, your needs and your dexterity:

  • Stainless steel sharpening steels with round wick associated with our lines of knives.
    Made with  a wick in tempered high-carbon steel, they keep the edge of your blades up to 20cm on a daily basis.
  • Fisher-Bargoin sharpening steels with round diamond wick .
    The wick is coated with diamond powder. More abrasive, this wick sharpen dull knives.
  • Fisher-Bargoin sharpening steels with diamond + oval wick.
    Because it is oval, this sharpening steel offers a larger contact surface which makes the actions of the hand more efficient and therefore the sharpening faster when you know how to use it.

Made in France.

To understand all about sharpening, honing and grinding and how to use a sharpening steel, read our articles HOW TO “SHARPEN” YOUR KNIFE

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Made in France
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