Le P’tit Tradi knife



The P'tit Tradi is an ultra-efficient old-fashioned paring knife.

Why old-fashioned ?
Because once you have tried it, it will be your partner from the kitchen to the table, and why not to the mushrooms, as our grandparents' personal knife did.

21.1 cm
1.3 cm
50 g
Blade length
About 10cm
14C28N stainless
le-ptit-tradi-knife-wooden-handle Le P'tit Tradi walnut, olive, ebony with sapwood and ebony woods
As good in the kitchen as it is on the table

Le P'tit Tradi cuts, slices and peels !

Handmade in our workshop, this top-quality knife is made from one of the finest cutlery steels available: Sandvik 14C28N steel, enriched with carbon.

  • 100% French handcrafted in our workshop
  • 2mm thick full tang laser cut (the blade steel extends the full width and length of the handle)
  • Hardened blade in Sandvik 14C28N steel, enriched in carbon (56-58HRC)
  • Professional matt finish
  • Full grinding with plunge line
  • High-performance cutting edge
  • Rivets assembly

Available in ebony with sapwood, olive, aged walnut, ebony
Sold individually in printed cardboard box

le-ptit-tradi-knife Le P'tit Tradi knife

Care instructions

We recommend washing the P’tit Tradi by hand with a soft sponge.
Do not leave the handle in prolonged contact with water or a source of heat.
Wipe dry immediately after washing.
Store in a dry place.

Sharpen the cutting edge as soon as the knife seems to cut a little less.

le-ptit-tradi-paring-knife Le Ptit tradi paring knife in progress

Feeling from the workshop

“A paring knife that slices, cuts and peels…”

… Basic characteristics for a knife, you might say!
And yet… Our drawers are full of knives that don’t all fulfil these characteristics!

With Le P’tit Tradi, GOYON-CHAZEAU is reviving an old family anecdote. A very active grandmother who pushed her husband to equip her with efficient knives.
Because it’s not just in the workshop that you need good tools; because everything is more pleasant, goes faster and is always done better when you’re well equipped.