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Le Thiers kitchen knives

GOYON-CHAZEAU Le Thiers kitchen knives are the only forged Le Thiers kitchen knives on the market. A huge plus for anyone looking for a quality kitchen knife.



Why choose a
knife for your kitchen?


Firstly, for the functional advantages of forged knives

  • Forging gives the steel a more homogeneous molecular structure, making the pieces stronger and more solid. As a result, a forged knife offers exceptional durability for everyday use.
  • A forged knife also have a better sharpening and is easier to maintain, offering optimum cutting performance for an easier culinary experience.
  • In terms of ergonomics, forging allows us to create knives with volume that feel better in the hand, that are better balanced and more comfortable. They are also easier to handle.


Then for the aesthetic advantages of forged knives

  • Because they are forged, each of our Le Thiers knives is a unique piece with an elegant and timeless design.
  • Once forged, each of our knives is worked by hand to give you a top-of-the-range finish, both in terms of cutting quality and the aesthetics of the handle and blade. So you’ll enjoy cooking with our knives just as much as displaying them on a block or magnet bar to decorate your kitchen in style.
  • Finally, you can personalise your knives by engraving them. Join the ranks of chefs by signing your knife with your name, your initials, or a saying that characterises you!


What is the story behind
the name “Le Thiers”?

The name “Le Thiers” knife has a rich, protected heritage where prestige and tradition go hand in hand.


Origins of Le Thiers knife

The capital of French cutlery, Thiers town has been home to generations of cutlers over more than 6 centuries, who have built the reputation of French knives, particularly top-of-the-range handmade knives. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that a small group of Thiers cutlers got together to create the town’s own knife.

Created in July 1994 by the Confrérie du couteau Le Thiers, LE THIERS® knife has since conquered the whole world.

For its racy style, that’s undeniable, but also because it embodies a number of values that speak to everyone: collaboration, authenticity, loyalty, quality, respect…

Indeed, the rules governing the manufacture of a LE THIERS® knife are very strict.

To be entitled to market a Le Thiers knife, you have to be a cutler established in the Thiers area for at least 5 years and comply with specific aesthetic and quality rules that make the Thiers a top-of-the-range knife.

Each Le Thiers knife must be validated by the Brotherhood at a Jurande before it can be marketed.


Prestige of tradition

Le Thiers knife, the emblem of a town and representing more than 6 centuries of cutlery craftsmanship, is therefore a genuine cultural and craft heritage.

It has to be prestigious, whatever form it takes, because it represents the capital of French cutlery, centuries of hard work and innovation, and therefore the excellence of French cutlery.


What types of knives are composing
“Le Thiers” collection?

Le Thiers line of kitchen knives by GOYON-CHAZEAU is the most extensive in our catalogue.

With 20 different blades, it includes all the knives most commonly used in professional and hobby kitchens.


Paring knives

In Le Thiers cuisine line, you’ll find

  • The classic paring knife,
  • the peeling knife with a curved “bird’s beak” blade,
  • the long-blade “sandwich” paring knife

Three knives to facilitate the first steps (sorting, peeling, cutting…) of your culinary preparations


Chef’s knives

Le Thiers cuisine range includes 5 chef’s knife blades

  • a small, handy 15 cm blade
  • the classic and indispensable 20cm blade for slicing, and dicing with a pendulum action
  • a 25cm blade for large cuts
  • a smooth santoku blade, for traditional Japanese ‘push’ slicing
  • an multi-purpose and practical alveolated santoku blade for working quickly and close to the food.


Meat knives

From cooking to serving, Le Thiers kitchen line has the meat knives you need!

  • A boning knife for working on raw meat, removing bones, tendons and bits of fat.
  • Two slicing knives with 20cm and 25cm blades respectively, designed to attack meat easily and slice it without the pieces sticking too much to the steel.
    Slicers are also used at the table, as carving knives, with Le Thiers cuisine carving fork, for cutting and slicing cooked meats.
  • A steak knife for meticulous meat preparation in the kitchen and easy slicing of cooked meat in serving for optimum enjoyment.
  • An alveolated ham knife for slicing cooked or raw ham (or other large pieces of meat).
  • A cleaver for chopping and flattening meat, cutting into small pieces and trimming small bones.


Fish knives

Very useful for filleting fish you will find in the line Le Thiers cuisine :

  • a filleting knife for small fish
  • A salmon knife for larger fish


Other specific models

In Le Thiers kitchen line you will also find specific knives and widely used cutlery items such as :

  • A serrated tomato knife, ideal for cutting ripe or thin-skinned fruit and vegetables without crushing them;
  • A bread knife,
  • A carving fork,
  • A sharpening steel


What are the technical characteristics
of “Le Thiers” kitchen knives?


Our Le Thiers kitchen knives are all forged.

Blade materials

The steel we use is nitrogen-doped X50CrMoV15.
This forged steel offers excellent hardness and cutting quality, while remaining easy to sharpen.


Our handles are available in juniper wood, with its peppery scent, or olive wood.
Both of these woods are polished on several grains of strips until they offer GOYON-CHAZEAU’s signature comfort and softness in the hand.

Finishing and details

Each of our knives is entirely handmade once the base has been forged.

The metal part (the tang) is integral and extends all the way to the end of the handle for better balance and greater strength.

The blade is heat-treated after forging to consolidate its strength and the quality of its cutting edge. It has a professional matt polish that is easy to maintain.

The wooden sides of the knife handles are riveted together by passing through the tang to improve the cohesion of the handle.

Finally, our knives are polished, from the blade to the back of the blade, including the tang and handle.


When you buy one or more Le Thiers kitchen knives, you are acquiring a fine range of top-of-the-range kitchen knives, signed Le Thiers, made in Thiers, and which reflect GOYON-CHAZEAU’s unique expertise in the manufacture of forged knives!

Made in France
Made in France
GOYON-CHAZEAU has always been an ambassador of the Made in France and remains a representative of the Made in Thiers.
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