GOYON-CHAZEAU, Cœur de Forge, is a family-owned cutlery that cultivates artisanal know-how.

Its history begins in the 1950s and continues until today thanks to the successive work of three generations of the same family.

Since 2017, Magali (born Goyon) and her husband Vincent Soucille have been the 3rd generation and have worked to make the family business a national and international must-have reference of the made in France knives quality.

The cutlery has the EPV state label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant / Living Heritage Company) for its unique expertise in stainless steel welding, forging work and its mastery of artisanal cutlery manufacturing.
These skills allow it to be one of the last French companies to produce hollow handles and to offer fully forged items 100% French.

GOYON-CHAZEAU French knife manufacturer Table knives and flatware, kitchen knives and pocket knives
The human eye and hand are the key to our production.

The workshop is historically located at La Monnerie Le Montel, near Thiers, capital of cutlery for more than six centuries.
It now hosts 10 employees, workers and offices members combined, and 1 to 2 apprentices.

Specializing in forged knives and cutlery – the prerogative of high-end cutlery that rhymes with balance, efficiency and longevity – the cutlery also offers creations in cut steel.
All products are 100% French and artisanal, made with exclusive supplies from the Thiers basin and rigorously selected materials.

GOYON-CHAZEAU manufactures cutlery pieces and table knives, kitchen knives, pocket knives and luxury knives, handcrafted according to its catalog or made to measure.
For each of these universes, the brand offers several range levels and collections in which the historic lines Laguiole, Le Thiers®, Stylver and other more recent models are available, all created and registered by GOYON-CHAZEAU.

GOYON-CHAZEAU French knife manufacturer sensible to table arts From cutlery sets of yesteryear to today’s steak knives
For table, discover 6 ranges, all made in our workshop:
  • Brasserie : Trendy full tang knives made from thick laser cut;
  • Avantage : Forged handmade table knives, forks, soup and coffee spons with very pure design;
  • Prestige : Table knives, flatware, serving pieces and cutlery sets with detailed finishes, for lovers of tableware and French refinement;
  • Raw forge : Knives that keep the roughness of hot forged steel to enhance the raw character of forge;
  • Stainless steel : A full collection of stainless steel hollow handle knives, cutlery and serving sets, and a hot forged Le Thiers® solid handle knife;
  • Luxury sets : Premium knife sets combining forge and rare materials.
GOYON-CHAZEAU Kitchen knives for all uses and all styles French knife manufacturer for cooking lovers
For cooking, GOYON-CHAZEAU manufactures 5 lines of kitchen knives in various styles and materials.

Le P’tit Tardi, Tradichef, Le Thiers Cuisine, Stylver cuisine, Audacieuse, each of these lines offers up to 18 different knives: from paring knives to chef’s knives, including bread knives, fish knives and interpretations of Japanese knives.

Goyon-Chazeau also offers various models of sharpening steels for blade maintenance and knife blocks and magnetic bars to store and protect your knives.

GOYON-CHAZEAU French knife manufacturer for pocket knife enthusiasts Folding knives and multi-blade knives

GOYON-CHAZEAU produces 6 models of pocket knives and outdoor knives that it offers in multiple materials and finishes:

  • Le Thiers plein manche
  • The 750
  • Le Thiers Pirou in 10cm & 12cm
  • The Stylver
  • The Laguiole
  • And the corkscrew-knife & sommelier-knife St Vincent.

It also offers multi-blade folding knives from DOURIS CHASTEL brand, such as the Navette and the Pionnier (Pioneer), manufactured and marketed by GOYON-CHAZEAU.

GOYON-CHAZEAU French knife manufacturer for personalized gifts Customization and tailormade knives
For your pleasure or to offer

For those who want to mark the occasion by signing their knife, GOYON-CHAZEAU finally offers customization options by laser engraving and manufacturing on demand.

GOYON-CHAZEAU gift vouchers are also proposed to all those who prefer to let people choose.


GOYON-CHAZEAU items, whether boxes, assortments, unique pieces, or made-to-measure creations, reveal the demand for forged quality, the search for efficiency, ergonomics, noble materials and a neat manual finish.

Thus, each GOYON-CHAZEAU knife or cutlery piece is an incomparable and unique object, with high added value, for table and kitchen epicureans, and lovers of beautiful objects.