Awaken senses Selected materials From the tip of the blade to the end of the handle

A nice dish and a nice knife whet the appetite.
The cutting quality and the welcoming of the handle in the hand palm animate the touch.
The spicy or animal scent of some handle materials stir up the taste buds.

Because the cutting experience is played through several senses, Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU has always attached great importance to the materials quality it uses for its products manufacturing.

It rigorously selects each material for its specific advantages: performance, maintenance, comfort, aesthetics…



All knives, forks and spoons manufactured by GOYON-CHAZEAU respect the European and French standards for food contact.
In order to propose the best steel to each use, GOYON-CHAZEAU uses :

  • couverts-laguiole-inox X46CR13 (1.4034) stainless steel, said cutlery steel, for all its table knives.
    This steel is very resistant to corrosion and offers an excellent cutting quality and a brilliant polish, said mirror polish, highly sought after.
  • X2CrNi19-11 (1.4306) stainless steel, commonly called 18-10 stainless steel, for cutlery heads.
    It is the best steel for forks and spoons thanks to chrome and nickel which give it an excellent resistance to corrosion and an incomparable brilliance. It is used for high-end cutlery.



  • le-ptit-tradi-grenadilleX50CrMov15 (1.4116) stainless steel, also called Z50CD15 (AFNOR designation) for kitchen knives.
    It is an enriched steel with chromium, molybdenum and vanadium that allow the blades to reach a hardness of 54-56HRC, ideal for a durable cutting edge while maintaining the necessary flexibility for cooking.
  • Sandvik 14C28N, stainless steel, “Le P’tit Tradi” knife, “Le 750” and “St Vincent” pocket knives.
    It is one of the “last born” steels from Sandvik range. Charged in carbone and azote, it is high-quality steel that guarantees a high hardness blade (56-58 HRC), for thin and performant cutting edge, and good resistance to corrosion.


  • couteaux-de-poche-goyon-chazeau Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, for folding knives.
    This steel composition, after heat treatment, allows to obtain a very fine cutting edge (it is used for razor blades) and a good resistance to wear.
  • XC75 carbon steel, on request, for pocket knives.
    The high carbon content of this steel makes it oxidizable.
    Nevertheless, it offers unparalleled cutting quality and is easy to sharpen.



  • damas-industriel-et-artisanalDamascus steels
    Damascus steel results from the combination of several layers of steel with complementary properties.
    It is a steel known for its robustness, its hardness… and its elegance!
    GOYON-CHAZEAU offers different types of damask:

Industrial damascus steels
These are steels derived from powder metallurgy. The various designs of damascus, offered in the catalog, are technically mastered.

Handmade desmascus steels
It is a damascus steel made by a blacksmith who will forge weld several shades of metal together. Hammered, turned, folded or stretched many times, the mixture will gradually draw shapes in the mass.
The artisanal damask used by GOYON-CHAZEAU is made by different master blacksmiths.


12 precious woods are proposed individually or in groups for the handles of our table ranges:

  • boxwood, olive wood, juniper wood, rosewood, kingwood, snakewood, which constitute group 1;
  • tuja wood, pistachio wood, birch wood, ebony wood, wenge wood and marble wood, which constitute group 2;

You can also find other woods such as olive ash, walnut, mozambic ebony, oak and others, as well as combinations of wood for our ranges of folding knives.

Ribbed, warm or fragrant, they contribute as much to the pleasure of handling as to that of tasting.


For knives lovers or for the ones looking for extraordinary cutlery, Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU proposes handles in horn, bone and other rare and luxurious materials.

Among the most traditional, you will find cattle horn, black horn, deer horn, ram horn and buffalo horn;

Among the most extravagant, original and rare, GOYON-CHAZEAU proposes warthog ivory, white bovine bone, camelid bone, and stabilized mammoth ivory, bone, pulp, molar and crust.


Acrylic is, like wood, a material to be cut and shaped from a board.

Process in gloss finish, it gives depth and an incomparable shine to the handle .

It is also an easy-care material because it resists to water.

Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU cutlery offers more than 20 shades of plain, pearly or with inclusions acrylic.

In a more respectful environment perspective, Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU wants to propose new materials, characterized by their ecological manufacture, their resistance and their ease of maintenance.

In this way we offer :

  • PaperstonePaperstone®: this composite material is made from FSC (environnemental label) recycled, FSC mix post-consumer recycled paper and phenolic resins made in-house using the lowest impact raw materials possible.Using pigments rather than dyes assures superior colour durability, UV resistance and allow dish washer use.Its NFS certification (4G970 certificate) guarantees its suitability for food contact and makes it an ideal material for catering and hotels.Smart, elegant and responsible, its beauty and strongness offer an eco-alternative to wood.


  • Evergreen® : used on Audacieuse range of kitchen knives, Evergreen® is an extremely durable and resistant material, suitable for washing machine.fibre-de-carbone


  • Carbon fiber : an extremely light and resistant material, that gives to the knives an incomparable aesthetic and resistance.
    It is a polymer made up of fine strands of carbon.


  • Stamina :mainly used on the St Vincent, stamina is a wood tinted in the mass by injection of a tinted resin. It is a water resistant material.


  • manches-hybridesHybrid material : Material combining different materials stabilized together.
    It presents inclusions of wood, flowers, leaves, grids, recycled industrial waste, which are stabilized within a resin punctuated with spots of color.
    The hybrid material offers results that are always surprising, out of the ordinary, and almost limitless customization possibilities!