Pocket knives History of Douris Chastel brand The French multi-blade knives
Douris Chastel cutlery was created in the early 1940s by Pierre Douris and Lucienne Chastel.

Newlyweds passionate about cutlery, they bought the Charles Choty establishments.
Pierre Douris will very quickly rethink the traditional folding knives made by this company and create more ingenious tools than the others for his pocket knives.
He will give his own vision of the folding knife through different models and patents which will quickly give fame to the Douris Chastel brand.

Passionate about cutlery, Pierre Douris gave birth to multiple models and variations of pocket knives evolving in many spheres.
Its original, high-performance and useful, traditional or modern knives are very successful, such as its “ejection blade” knives (also called “switchblade”), fisherman’s knives with disgorger, multi-purpose pocket knives functions, leisure knives, hunting knives with pliers, for extracting pellets, horse-riding knives with hoof picks, etc.

“Le Pionnier”, a multi-blade pocket knife created in the late 1970s, will be the brand’s greatest success.

Solange Combronde, daughter of Pierre Douris and Lucienne Chastel, then her children will continue the family history until 2019, when the brand will be sold to Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU.
The objective for the two cutlery companies is not to let the history of the Douris Chastel brand be lost, the know-how of the French multi-blade pocket knife and the models, which are always highly appreciated by lovers of pocket knives.

Multi-bladed pocket knives Douris Chastel by GOYON-CHAZEAU
Today, the GOYON-CHAZEAU Cutlery is blowing a new wind on the Douris Chastel knife brand while preserving its authenticity.

The GOYON-CHAZEAU team rehabilitates one by one the Douris Chastel models which are now manufactured in its workshop, always in a 100% French and artisanal way.

The modernization of the pocket knife models requires, for each, several months of work in order to acquire the assembly processes, to control the production and to adapt the Douris Chastel knives to the GOYON-CHAZEAU quality criteria.

Each model is redesigned to adapt to current manufacturing methods: modernization of all supplies (parts needed for manufacturing), finishes to GOYON-CHAZEAU standards.

Several dozen production steps are required to manufacture a traditional pocket knife; they are even more numerous for multi-blade knives which have among the highest number of ranks.

The supplies all come from the Thiers basin, and are made of hardened stainless steel. They are polished manually in our workshop.
All our blades are made of Sandvik 12C27 steel, hardened and have a double (V) grind.

This steel allows us to offer high-performance knives that are easy to maintain.

The knives are handcrafted by our team; if machines accompany the gesture, the human hand remains the main and the best of tools.

A new era Douris Chastel pocket knives by GOYON-CHAZEAU
As the supplies (parts) are no longer the same, we are unable to provide after-sales service for Douris Chastel pocket knives made before 2020.

Howver, in certain cases, we can find solutions with some of our colleagues.
We invite you to send us your request accompanied by photos to info@goyon-chazeau.fr.
We will respond as soon as possible.


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