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Pocket knives & sommeliers
For all tastes and budgets.


GOYON-CHAZEAU manufactures several models of pocket knives with different handle materials.
All our knives are made in our workshop in La Monnerie Le Montel from exclusive supplies from the Thiers basin.


Handmade folding knives
100% THIERS, 100% FRANCE


Under the GOYON-CHAZEAU brand, you will find pocket knives with forced notches in different styles and sizes.


Le Thiers plein manche

A simple, thin and light full-handled knife (no bolster, no base).


Le Thiers Pirou

A pocket knife, with or without corkscrew, with the Pirou castle as a fly.
This knife is available in 10cm and 12cm.


Le 750

An outdoor knife with a sleek design and a large blade, ideal for hunters and sportsmen.


Le Stylver

The ergonomics of the Stylver knife, in one (blade) or two pieces (blade + corkscrew), with single or forged spring.


Le Saint Vincent

A wine waiter’s knife (12cm blade) and a wine waiter’s knife (small blade) created for lovers of good wines and beautiful blades.


Your custom folding knife
For amateurs and collectors


Rare materials, stainless steel damascus or handmade blades – made by renowned blacksmiths -, specific guilloche work, custom-made flies

GOYON-CHAZEAU offers, outside the catalogue, luxurious pocket knives for collectors and enthusiasts of exceptional pocket knives. GOYON-CHAZEAU’s handcrafted production offers many possibilities.


The model

We can make your knife to measure from our 3 models

  • The Thiers Pirou
  • Laguiole
  • Stylver


The Type of Blade

Our pocket knives can be mounted with blades of different steels :

  • Sandvik 12C27 steel
  • Carbon steel XC75
  • Industrial damascus steel (powder metallurgy technique)
  • Handcrafted Damascus steel (Damascus steel made by renowned blacksmiths who make limited series of blades for us and whom we work with in turn)


The material of the handle

For the handles, we offer about fifteen different woods, five horns, and composite materials such as carbon fibre and hybrid handles.
On request, we can search for the material(s) of your choice as we can combine several materials on the handle.


The bee

The bee of our forged springs can remain the same as the one we have chosen or be made to measure, by hand, according to your wishes.


The knife’s composition

In order to make it as close as possible to your wishes, GOYON-CHAZEAU can offer you other customisation options:

  • Classic or made-to-measure chiselling
  • With plates and/or double plates with or without chiselling, stainless steel or brass
  • with bolster or full handle
  • With or without spacer
  • Possibility of stainless steel inserts in the handle, false bolsters, false base, specific staking

  • Engravings for a knife personalised with a name, a message, a logo


Do not hesitate to send your request for a quote to


Douris Chastel
Multi-bladed pocket knives


A brand of knives manufactured and marketed by GOYON-CHAZEAU
DOURIS CHASTEL has made a name for itself in France and internationally with its multi-blade knives, i.e. multi-function knives with several integrated tools. Each “tool” is called a “piece”.

Since the takeover of the brand and certain DOURIS CHASTEL 2019 models, GOYON-CHAZEAU has been reissuing the great successes of this emblem of Thiers cutlery heritage.

The DOURIS CHASTEL French-style multi-blade knives, such as La Navette, Le Pionnier, Le petit-chasse and others to be (re)released, are made from entirely revised and modernised supplies, all hand-polished.

DOURIS CHASTEL knives are manufactured by Goyon-Chazeau in the GOYON-CHAZEAU workshop, using supplies that are 100% Made in France, 100% made in Thiers.