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GOYON-CHAZEAU offers pocket knives and sommeliers knives (wine-opener knives) to suit all tastes and budgets.
The cutlery workshop handmakes several models of pocket knife, with a wide range of handle materials.
All our knives are made in our workshop in La Monnerie Le Montel from exclusive supplies from Thiers city area.

This is your guarantee of a 100% handmade pocket knife, 100% French, not to say 100% Thiers!

Tableware becomes flexible with our folding knives!

The folding knife, also known as a pocket knife , is a knife whose blade folds into the handle.

There are different blade locking systems.

At GOYON-CHAZEAU, we favour the forced notch.
This traditional mechanism for pocket knives works on the male/female principle: a notch in the spring fits into a recess in the heel of the blade.
It’s a reliable, safe mechanism that can be easily unjammed, if need be, with a drop of oil dripped onto the notch between the blade and the handle.
There is no automatic mechanism; you have to use both hands to open and close the blade, which makes using the knife much safer: there is no risk of the knife closing on itself.

Our Douris Chastel brand also offers back-lock (rear pump) pocket knives.
The rear pump is a mechanism which, like the safety catch, locks the blade as soon as the knife is opened. To unlock the blade, however, you no longer need to press down on the blade, but instead press down on the pump at the end of the handle.
This pump is in fact a bulge or spring release which causes the spring to pivot on a pin to release the locking rod.

Pocket knives: ideal companions for travel or everyday use

Very early in the civilisation history , man realised the usefulness of carrying a pocket knife.

Lighter and more discreet than the belt-holstered dagger, it quickly became indispensable.
And the folding knife still proves its worth today, often combining Utility with Pleasure.

Useful, because it allows you to cut efficiently on all occasions.
We use pocket knives as table knives on picnics, on excursions, but also in a very official way, at the table, quite simply because it’s THE knife that belongs to us and we know that it cuts the way we like.

The folding knife is also often used for the pointed top of its blade – opening packaging, piercing fabric, etc. – and its blade, which can sometimes be used as a small saw or improvised scissors.

It’s ideal for picking and cleaning woodland fruits such as mushrooms, hazelnuts and chestnuts…

Pleasant, because over the centuries the pocket knife has become a personal and even personalised object.
t’s a pocket jewel that everyone can choose and use according to their taste.

The pocket knife is a companion that you always want to have with you, a companion for good times with friends, lunches on the go, extreme DIY…

The pocket knife is an object to remember, compact, easy to carry and always to hand.

GOYON-CHAZEAU pocket knives: for all tastes and desires

GOYON-CHAZEAU pocket knives are all handmade in our workshop in Thiers city area.

Our cutlery range includes a variety of folding knives with a forced-notch mechanism, in different styles and sizes.

Le Thiers full handle

A simple, slim, lightweight knife with a full handle (no bolster, no base).

Le Thiers Pirou

A pocket knife, with or without corkscrew, with the Château du Pirou as the bee.
Available in 10cm and 12cm.

Le 750

An outdoor knife with a sleek design and a wide blade, ideal for hunters and sportsmen.

Le Stylver

The ergonomic Stylver knife, in one (blade) or two pieces (blade + corkscrew), with single or forged spring.

Le Saint Vincent

A corkscrew-knife (12cm blade) and a sommelier knife (small blade) designed for wine waiters and lovers of fine wines and fine blades.

DOURIS CHASTEL pocket knives

GOYON-CHAZEAU also manufactures and sells DOURIS CHASTEL multi-blade pocket knives.

Founded in the 1940s, the DOURIS CHASTEL brand has made a name for itself in France and internationally thanks to its multi-blade knives, i.e. multi-function knives with several integrated tools.
Each “tool” is called a “part”.

Since taking over the brand and certain DOURIS CHASTEL models in 2019, GOYON-CHAZEAU has been reissuing the great successes of this emblem of Thiers’ cutlery heritage.
DOURIS CHASTEL’s French-style multi-blade knives, such as La Navette, Le Pionnier, Le petit-chasse and others to come (back), are made from completely revised and modernised supplies, all polished by hand.
DOURIS CHASTEL knives are made by Goyon-Chazeau in the GOYON-CHAZEAU workshop, using supplies that are 100% Made in France, 100% made in Thiers.

Le Saint-Vincent : a corckscrew-knife and a sommelier as elegant as they are functional

The latest addition to the GOYON-CHAZEAU pocket knife collection, the Saint Vincent is more than just a pocket knife.
This corkscrew-knife was created in collaboration with Robert Beillonnet, a cutler who has twice been awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France).

The Saint Vincent is available in 2 versions:

  • A corkscrew-knife that’s both a 12cm pocket knife with a 9cm blade and a sommelier with a 5-turn corkscrew, a fine, tapered, tempered worm and a lever-cap lifter.
    The 14C28N steel blade provides an excellent, long-lasting cutting edge.
  • A sommelier with small capsule-cutting blade, 5-turn corkscrew and lever-cap lifter.

The Saint Vincent, named after the patron saint of winegrowers, is a must for epicureans, lovers of good food and good wine.

Carry excellence in your pocket with GOYON-CHAZEAU folding knives

Because hand-crafted knives offer so many possibilities, GOYON-CHAZEAU also offers, outside the catalogue, luxurious or made-to-measure pocket knives for collectors and lovers of exceptional pocket knives.

Rare materials, stainless steel damascus or handcrafted damascus blades – made by renowned blacksmiths -, special chiselling work, made-to-measure fittings… We can make your bespoke knife from our GOYON-CHAZEAU pocket knife models: Laguiole, Le Thiers Pirou, Stylver and Saint Vincent.

Our pocket knives can be fitted with blades of different steels, classic or damascus (crafted or industrial).

For the handle, we offer a choice of around fifteen different woods, five horns, and composite materials such as carbon fibre and hybrid handles.
On request, we also offer rare and precious materials such as mammoth molar, warthog ivory and camelid bone. It’s even possible to combine several materials on the handle.

We also offer a wide range of customisable finishes, such as special bees, chiselling, plates, spacers, inserts, bases, bolsters, false bolsters, pittings and engravings…

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