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With the desire to go ever further in its artisanal creations,
Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU offers on catalog, punctually, or on order, exceptional knives, cutlery pieces and sets, as much by their realization as by the quality of the materials that they use.


Luxury knives for table

GOYON-CHAZEAU puts luxury cutlery at the service of the ARTS of the table by creating and manufacturing by hand various boxes of extraordinary table knives in addition to its already high-end table knives and cutlery pieces. Matching cutlery can also be made to order.


Mammoth teeth set

This set of 6 forged table knives, available in the Laguiole and Le Thiers® lines, has mammoth molar handles in matching colours.

These massive teeth, found almost intact from the frozen grounds of Russia, are cut into transverse slices, stabilized with more or less colored resins before being mounted on our knives, then shaped and polished by hand.


Mammoth variation set

This box of 6 forged table knives, offered in the Laguiole and Le Thiers® lines, features different mammoth materials on its handles: Mammoth molars (cut vertically and horizontally), mammoth ivory, mammoth pulp, mammoth crust, mammoth bones.

Rare and difficult to collect, these materials are highly prized in the world of pocket cutlery and presented here as luxury table cutlery.


Warthog ivoy set

This set contents 6 Stylver Origines raw forge steak knives.

This line, thought of as a return to the sources of forged cutlery, plays with a stylized rusticity. It enhances the material and the work of man and brings an extra soul to contemporary table cutlery:

The stainless steel parts of the knives retain their raw forge appearance; the warthog ivory handle is worked by hand in order to leave as much of its texture and natural roughness as possible.

A double partial “mirror polished” grinding finishes the knife, the GOYON-CHAZEAU’s quality guarantee for an exceptional and lasting edge.

A “wild” set Un coffret « sauvage », for lovers of meat, beautiful objects and beautiful materials!


Full damas set

Goyon-Chazeau challenged itself to make this premium set in 2022, on the occasion of the 1st damascus world cup organized during Coutellia, the international art and traditional knife show.

It contains 6 Le Thiers Pirou full damas table knives with mammoth handles and several matching stainless steel damascus.

All the steel parts used on the knife – The full tang blade, the chiselled liners, the added bolsters and the Pirou castle bee – are entirely made of industrial damascus.
Three different damascus patterns are used: Rose, Hakkapella and Odin’s Eye.

Different noble mammoth materials are used on the handles, all unique: mammoth molars (cut vertically and horizontally), mammoth ivory, mammoth pulp, mammoth crust, and mammoth bone.


Luxury knives for pocket

GOYON-CHAZEAU offers, outside its catalog, luxury pocket knives for collectors and people looking for exceptional pocket knives. Rare materials, industrial or artisanal damascus blades – made by renowned blacksmiths – specific chiselling, custom-made bees… Discover all the possibilities offered by GOYON-CHAZEAU artisanal manufacturing.


Choose your pattern

Our range of luxury pocket knives is organized around 3 patterns:

  • Laguiole
  • Le Thiers Pirou
  • Stylver


Choose your blade steel

Our luxury pocket knives may have blades from different steels:

  • Sandvik 12C27 steel
  • XC 75 carbon steel
  • Industrial damascus steel (powder metallurgy technique)
  • Artisanal damascus steel (damascus made by renowned blacksmiths who produce limited series of blades for us and which we work in turn)


Choose the handle material

Stay classic with a wooden or horn handle, choose originality with swordfish, walrus or sea cow, want the exception with mammoth or warthog ivory, dare new materials such as fiber carbon or hybrid materials… The possibilities are endless!


Choose the bee

The forged spring bee can remain classic or be made to measure according to your wishes.


Choose the composition of the knife

So that it is made as close as possible to your desires, GOYON-CHAZEAU offer you various options for making your exceptional pocket knife:

  • Classic or custom chiselling
  • With liners and/or double liners in stainless steel or brass, with our without chiselling,
  • Handle with bolster or full handle
  • With or without spacer
  • Possibility of stainless steel inserts in the handle, false bolsters, false base…
  • Custom marking


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