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Forged quality to make the difference


The world of tableware is not taken lightly at GOYON-CHAZEAU’s.
And for a good reason: most of the knives and cutlery pieces that the we manufacture in our workshop is made from a forge bar!


Avantage range:
Knives and table cutlery pieces

Find in the Avantage range our Laguiole, Laguiole Klasse G, Le Thiers and Stylver forged knives and cutlery pieces.
There is no chiselling on the back of each piece in order to  enhance the beauty of lines and forge.

The Avantage range offers, for each cutlery line, table knives, table forks, soup spoons and teaspoons, available in several materials in various colors and shades.

The cutlery pieces and  knives are sold in a beech box of 6 pieces, 12 pieces and in cutlery sets of 12 pieces and 24 pieces.


Prestige range:
From the knife to the cutlery set

The Prestige range is the one that best suits the world of tableware.

Forged, chiselled, with pitting points, it also offers a complete offer of cutlery pieces and table service pieces:

  • Knives and table cutlery,
  • Serving pieces (ladle, serving cutlery, salad servers, carving service, fish service, bread knife)
  • Dessert cutlery
  • Cake fork
  • Cake server / cake slicer
  • Fish cutlery
  • Oyster fork and knife
  • Cheese cutlery
  • Spreader
  • Butter knife

Rather Laguiole or rather Le Thiers, choose your model and its handle material from more than ten wood species and 6 different horns.

Cutlery knives from the Prestige range are available in a varnished oak box of 1 to 6 pieces, 12 pieces and in cutlery sets of 12 and 24 pieces.


Luxury range

Designed on a Prestige steel base, the knives and forks of the luxury range offer handles made of rare and precious materials: mammoth molar, mammoth pulp, mammoth crust, warthog ivory…

We work on each knife in close collaboration with our customers, for exceptional sets of knives or forks.


Stylver Origines & Stylver Factory

These two lines of Stylver forged knives enhance the forge by retaining the “raw forge” aspects. This is made possible by the hand and the eye of our cutlers who work the knife efficiently for the cut, and meticulously for the style. The result is a delicate balance between maintaining the raw forge appearance and comfort in the hand. For stylish rusticity!

The Stylver Origines and Stylver Factory lines only offer knives available in different types of wood and horn, united or assorted.

The knives are sold by 6 in a raw oak wooden box.


Knives and cutlery for everyday life

GOYON-CHAZEAU also offers lighter cutlery no longer made from a forge bar but from laser-cut steel sheets.


Brasserie range

Find in the Brasserie range the Laguiole, Le Thiers and Stylver knives in a full tang version (2.5mm thick) with full handle.

Full tang means the blade continues all the way to the end of the handle for better balance in the hand and more strength.

Full handle means that each side of the handle is made in one piece from a single material.

Knives of Brasserie range are marketed in a black box of 6 united or assorted knives, in wood (6 species) or in Paperstone (4 shades)..


Le Thiers Pirou, a range apart


Le Thiers Pirou is Goyon-Chazeau’s signature range of pocket knives, table knives and cutlery.

It was born from the hands of Denis Goyon. We are the only ones to offer this interpretation of Le Thiers table knife with the Pirou Castel as a bee.

The knives are full tang, without chiselling and only the knives for Le Thiers Pirou Avantage, or with chiselling and picketing for Le Thiers Pirou Prestige table knives and forks.

They are offered in boxes of 6 or 12 knives (or forks), and 12-piece cutlery sets in 12 woods and 6 horns.


Full stainless steel knives and cutlery pieces


Goyon-Chazeau also manufactures All stainless steel lines:

  • Cottage : stamped cutlery pieces with hollow handle knives in the purest tradition of French table art;
  • Laguiole Avantage stainless steel : Knives with forged blade and hollow handle ;
  • Laguiole Klasse G  Avantage stainless steel : knives and cutlery pieces that revisit the Laguiole while retaining high-end manufacturing (forged top and hollow handle);
  • Laguiole Prestige stainless steel: An all stainless steel version of the Laguiole Prestige with a full descent of knives, cutlery pieces and serving pieces with forged top and hollow handle ;
  • Le Thiers Prestige stainless steel : Forged blade knives with plunge line and mirror finish associated to a complete descent of knives and table cutlery and serving pieces with forged top and hollow handle ;
  • Le Thiers solid handle : Steak knives, hot forged in a single steel bar.

    Over 40 steps are required to go from steel bar or laser cut to a finished knife or cutlery piece.
    The main ones are the choice of the best steels, quenching, grinding, shaping (and hand sharpening for knives), polishing…

    Then it is possible to measure the unequaled benefits of the Goyon-Chazeau quality: the robustness, the longevity, the comfort in the hand and the excellent cutting behavior of the knives which make the reputation of the Goyon-Chazeau brand.