RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, CHEFS Our knives for professionals
GOYON-CHAZEAU cutlery adapts to the needs of Chefs and professionals in the hotel and catering industry.

If your restaurant or hotel wishes to equip itself with quality and original cutlery for your tables, GOYON-CHAZEAU offers a wide range of knives and table cutlery in multiple variations.
The whole team is at your disposal to discuss with you your needs, your wishes and to make you an adapted proposal in response.


For the kitchen, discover our range of Stylver chef’s knives and kitchen knives, all stainless steel, which meet the health standards of kitchen brigades and catering professionals.


For the more personal requirements of Chefs, all our ranges of kitchen knives are made of nitrogen-doped and hot-forged X50CrMov15 steel. This quality of steel gives each blade an excellent edge, more rigidity, and good balance in the hand. In addition the forge prolongs the life of the knife.
Our kitchen lines all have a miter with large clearance for more safety when cutting. Chefs’ hands are thus better protected without being hindered.
And our wooden handles are known for their comfort and, over time, take on the patina of their owner’s hand for even greater ease of movement and ever better grip.


Finally, if you want to offer your hotel or restaurant customers a selection of cutlery products for the kitchen, the table or the pocket, in a sales corner, our cutlery offers a wide range of knife and cutlery boxes for souvenirs. extraordinary.
Knives and boxes linked to the experiences they have had in your establishment or a qualitative cutlery gift idea, make your customers happy by creating a GOYON-CHAZEAU reseller space!

Our team is committed to supporting you during the study of your cutlery project and throughout its duration.

Study your project

We accompany you to find with you the knives, the cutlery, which will meet your expectations.

  • from our catalog
  • looking for special materials
  • by adapting our know-how…

Any project deserves to be studied and our quality of manufacturer allows us multiple possibilities.


Engrave your logo

Our company has a laser that allows us to personalize our knives and cutlery pieces with your logo or signature.

We study with you the best location and the best size so that it fits perfectly with your expectations.


Maintain the cutting edge of the blades

With use, the cutting edge of the knives always ends up dulling.
And, because we know that it is not given to all professionals to maintain the sharpness of their blades of kitchen knives or table knives (mainly because time is so short!), we offer our professional customers a resharpening and regrinding service.


Restore your knives and cutlery

You want to keep your knives and cutlery but they would need a little refurbishment?
Some knives have been damaged with use but can they be repaired?

Our team also offers a repair service to all its customers.

HOTELS, RESTAURANTS A tailor-made response to your needs To stick to your desires
GOYON-CHAZEAU adapts to the requirements of all professionals.

If you like our knives as they are, we are at your disposal to make you a price offer.

If you want kitchen or table knives personalized or made to measure from our existing knives and cutlery pieces in order to stick as closely as possible with your room atmosphere or the needs of your Chef or your brigade, we are here also to study your project with you (specific material or colour, engraving of your logo, etc.).


It all starts here!