Hallali one piece

REF : DC1981


The Hallali pocket knife is one of DOURIS CHASTEL's most hunting-oriented pocket knives.

It is a 14cm (closed) rear pump knife, proposed here in one piece: blade 10.5cm long and 2.4cm wide.

It is available in juniper wood and several horns.

24 cm
Folded length
13.5 cm
1.5 cm
189 g
Blade length
About 10,5cm
12C27 stainless
Hallali-1pc-folding-knives Hallali 1 pc folding knives
A Douris Chastel hunting knife

The Hallali


Due to high demand, we are manufacturing this knife to order. Thank you for your understanding.


1-piece folding knife (blade), sold in leather case.

Entirely handmade in Thiers, in our workshop, Douris Chastel’s Hallali knife meets the quality requirements of GOYON-CHAZEAU:

  • 100% handmade in France
  • Sandvik 12C27 steel blade
  • Matt finish
  • Full grinding
  • Chiselled blade and spring
  • Solid stainless steel bolster
  • Brass plates
  • Rear pump lock
  • Rivets assembly

The width and weight of the knife vary according to the handle.

This knife also exists in 3, 4 and 6 pieces.

Hallali folding knife Hallali 1 piece, juniper wood

Care instructions

We recommend wiping the blade by hand with a soft sponge.
Do not leave in prolonged contact with water, a heat source or chemical products.
Avoid strong temperature variations.
Store the knife in its pouch.

Remove any deposits of material that may slip inside the mechanism and affect the operation of the knife.

Sharpen the edge as soon as the knife seems to cut a little less well.

Hallali-3pieces-folding-knives-ending-production Hallali 3 pieces folding knives, ending production

Feeling from the workshop

In hunting matter, “Hallali” is the cry made by the hunters when the animal is about to be taken. Hallali can also be sounded.
The word comes from the Old French “haler” – which meant “to push to pursue” an animal or a person – and “à lui” (to it) which became “ali”.