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So that you can find the knife that suits to you, GOYON-CHAZEAU offers 5 ranges of kitchen knives:

Le Thiers Cuisine

Forged in one of the best cutlery steels, Le Thiers Cuisine kitchen knives are entirely handmade. They offer an everlasting cut thanks to a full cutting edge and razor sharpenning.

Le Thiers Cuisine line answers all specifications and authenticity, traceability and territoriality requirements from Le ThiersÂź trademark.

Choose between the nice pepper scent of juniper wood handle or the always appreciated olive wood.

18 cooking knives available



Tradichef line offers a very French Sabatier traditional design with Frecnh oak wood handles.

13 cooking knives available


P’tit Tradi

With le P’tit Tradi, GOYON-CHAZEAUreturns to an old family anecdote. A very active grandmother who pushed her husband to equip her with efficient knives.

Because it’s not just in a workshop that you need good tools; because evrything is more pleasant to do, always goes faster and is better made when you are well eqquipped.

1 cooking knife available in 4 woods


Stylver Cuisine

Fully handmade, Stylver cooking knives are light and well balanced in hand, thanks to its hollow handle.

Stylver cuisine shape has been inspired by the curve of hand palm in order to perfectly fit in hand.

18 cooking knives available



Audacieuse owes its name to the oppositions that characterize it :

an in between masculine and feminine style because os its square bolster and central mosaic rivet, the performance of a tool combined with the aesthetic of a goldsmith’s work, traditional cutlery codes opposing to Japanese trends of current cooking knife ranges.

10 cooking knives available

A blade for each use
GOYON-CHAZEAU kitchen knives


Chef’s knife, kitchen knife, cooking knife

An essential ! This knife is a multi-purpose knife.

It will allow you to slice, mince, chop, break, open, flatten, lift and handle more or less any food.

Opt for a 20cm blade, it is the one that will offer you the larger possibilities.

Available with 15cm, 20cm and 25cm blade.


Santoku knife

It’s the Japanese equivalent of our chef’s (cooking) knife.

Its wide blade with a curved edge will allow you to chop herbs, easily cut up sticky foods, like fish and raw meat, and mince all types of fruits and vegetables.


Paring knife

With its thick and very sharp blade about 10 cm, the paring knife will be used to peel, slice and cut all types of food, and to trim meats. You must have one !


Peeling knife

Recognizable by its shape (bird’s beak) and its small size, it is very popular for peeling and paring foods that fit in one hand.

It is also very practical for turning and removing damaged parts of fruits and vegetables, hulling strawberries or mushrooms and sculpting your food to obtain aesthetic dishes.


Sandwich knife

It is a thin and long blade knife.

You can use it to slice bread and spread , but also consider it as a long blade (12cm) paring knife, very useful for staying agile in the preparation of large fruits and vegetables, for example.


Tomato knife

It is one of the few kitchen knives to be serrated.
Its small teeth facilitate tomatoes cutting – or other soft fruits and vegetables – into thin slices or small pieces without crushing them.


Boning knife

Essential to all butchers and to all people who work a piece of raw meat, the boning knife allows you to remove the bones, but also the tendons, and bits of fat.

It has a very pointed and relatively short blade (usually 12 or 13 cm) in order to be very handy.


Steak knife

The steak knife is a table knife specially dedicated to meat.

Its pointed blade, combining the spirit of the slicer and the boning knife in a reduced version, makes it easy to cut cooked meat for optimal tasting.

Meat lovers will prefer the smooth blade version, which cuts the meat without tearing it, and those looking for ease of maintenance will opt for a blade with micro-toothing to combine business with pleasure.


Slicing knife, slicer

The slicing knife has a long, sharp, thin and rigid blade, which makes this knife the ideal partner for cutting raw or cooked meat.

Available with 20cm and 25cm blade.


Filleting knife

The filleting knife is aesthetically identical to the slincing knife but conversely offers a very flexible blade which makes it the ideal knife for lifting fish fillets and making carpaccios in no time at all!


Ham knife

The ham knife, has a straight 30 cm blade with a round end and sometimes alveoli. This knife will allow you to cut thin slices in bulky and a little hard foods such as cooked or dry ham.


Salmon knife

The salmon knife, with a blade half the width than ham knife, can also cut ham but its interest is especially in the low adhesion of its thin blade, very useful for making slices in sticky foods such as raw fish.


Bread knife

You will easily recognize it thanks to its large toothed blade.
It slices the crust like the crumb of bread without crushing it.

It is also effective for cutting a brioche without breaking it, or for cutting into the thick skin of cucurbits.


Carving Fork

Its two long teeth make it easy to flip, catch and cut large pieces of meat without burning yourself!



It is the most common blade maintenance tool because it allows immediate sharpening, without preparation or installation.

It can be used after each use for regular maintenance of the cutting edge.