Goyon-Chazeau offers you a selection of the best fish knives to favor.

Thanks to its flexible, long, narrow and pointed blade, the filleting knife makes it easy to fillet fish.
It is ideal for removing the skin by cutting it lengthwise, before removing the bones from the fish. It measures 13 to 20 cm in length depending on the model, and can also be used to cut thin slices of carpaccio-type meat.


Couteau filet de sole Tradichef, chêne

The Yanagiba is a Japanese knife generally used for cutting raw fish. It also has a long bevelled blade, which helps its user to cut fish fillets into thin slices (for sashimi in particular). Dressing being essential for any dish based on raw fish, the presentation must sublimate the product and bring out all its finesse.

The blade of the japanese knife Yanagiba usually measures 21 to 30 cm. The length and thickness are chosen according to the size and fineness of the slices of fish that you want to obtain.


Couteau japonais YANAGIBA

The Deba knife has a thicker blade than most other fish knives. It is used more to cut the heads and tails of fish and the solid shells of crustaceans.

Its blade generally measures 16cm or 17cm, and is asymmetrical: the bevel is only present on one side. Mastering the handling of this type of knife therefore requires some time to get started.


Couteau japonais DEBA

It has a narrow blade of about 30cm, and allows you to cut very regular thin slices of salmon (or other large fish).

The tip of a salmon knife is worked in a wide or rounded point, in order to facilitate penetration into the flesh of the fish and preserve its appearance and texture.

The blade can be smooth or dimpled, the dimples preventing food from sticking to the knife when cutting, which often happens with fatty fish such as salmon.


Couteau à saumon Stylver cuisine tout inox

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