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Our craft knives

A wide range of knives

GOYON-CHAZEAU manufactures handcrafted knives and table cutlery, kitchen knives, pocket knives and knives of exception.

Discover its Laguiole, Le Thiers® and Stylver models and its creations such as the P’tit Tradi, Audacieuse, the 750, the Saint Vincent…
all 100% made in France!

100% Made in France manufacturing

Knives handmade in France

Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU is a cutlery manufacturer established in La Monnerie Le Montel, in the cutlery basin of Thiers, French capital for cutlery.

All our production of table knives and cutlery pieces, kitchen knives and pocket knives is made in our workshop using exclusive supplies from Thiers basin.
A way for us to work in a shortand controlled circuit, and to establish real partnerships of trust with local companies.
The latter supply us with raw forges and materials for handles or accompany us in very specific stages of knife realization such as heat treatment, certain assemblies or blade grinding realization.

It is then up to us, workers, to finalize the knife by working on the forge, the assembly, the shaping of the handles, the polishing…

Each of our knife and cutlery piece is finally checked, wiped, marked, packed and shipped so that you can benefit from our work.

couteau-a-steak-sylver-avantage-bois-de-violette sylver-avantage-knife
Forged blade
Made in France
Unique piece
goyon-chazeau-family-cutlery Christine, Denis, Vincent, Magali - 2017
Fig. 0
Coutellerie Goyon-Chazeau

A family story

Cutlery craftsmanship in the genes

GOYON-CHAZEAU is a family cutlery that has been cultivating its craftsmanship for three generations.
The first, led by Solange and Gabriel Goyon, gave birth, in the 1950s, to a cutlery subcontracting workshop that would quickly stand out for the quality of its polishing work.
The second, endorsed by Denis Goyon and his wife Christine, weathered the crisis of the 1990s by creating its own brand and innovative models.
The third, led by Magali Soucille (daughter of Denis and Christine) and her husband Vincent, “brings her stone to the building” by developing today the brand internationally .

A fine example of successful family transmission!

kinves-and-cutlery-pieces-goyon-chazeau-for-table-kitchen-ans-pocket Knives and cutlery pieces to enjoy and pass on
Fig. 1

A traditional know-how serving modern cutlery

Preserving the achievements of experience and adapting them to the tastes and uses of its time, giving the possibility of passing on without appearing old-fashioned, this is the challenge that each GOYON-CHAZEAU generation takes up.

Thus, over the years, the cutlery workshop has been able to create quality knives using different manufacturing methods.
In addition to the work of welding stainless steel, which made it possible to produce the high-end hollow-handle cutlery for traditional cutlery sets, integral forging and laser cutting were added to meet different budgets.

The materials of the handles are also selected in order to be always more beautiful, better worked, more innovative.
GOYON-CHAZEAU is constantly looking for steels that are more resistant to oxidation, or sharper, and handle materials that are warm and easy to maintain, such as Paperstone® or Evergeen®.
Wood is not neglected because it is timeless and searched. GOYON-CHAZEAU also works on its finish by multiplying the polishing steps in order to make the handles shiny, soft and more resistant, in line with the expectations of today’s consumers.

Finally, Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU creates new models to offer knives that meet the desires and uses of its users today and tomorrow!

Our featured knives

Best sellers, novelties, essentials, remarkable knives…

Our team has selected GOYON-CHAZEAU knives for you, to discover or rediscover.

Le Grand tradi knife, ebony with sapwood
Le Grand tradi
Kitchen knives
Le Grand tradi knife, ebony with sapwood
Le Pionnier chasse 1 pc, Wooden handles
Le Pionnier chasse
Kitchen knives
Le Pionnier chasse 1 pc, Wooden handles
Our knives
Hotels, restaurants, shops

Goyon-Chazeau for professionals

A tailor-made response to your needs

You have a store and you are looking for a French brand offering knives of all types?
Coutellerie GOYON-CHAZEAU manufactures table knives, kitchen knives and pocket knives in its workshop. They are sold in boxes or individually packaged and designed to meet all budgets.

Your restaurant needs quality and original cutlery pieces, and excellent kitchen knives?
GOYON-CHAZEAU can make personalized or customized knives from our existing lines in order to match as closely as possible with your dining room atmosphere or the needs of your brigade.

Do you want to offer your hotel guests a selection of knives for a selling corner?
Our brand of knives offers a wide range of sets of knives and cutlery pieces for extraordinary souvenir gifts.

Have you chosen your GOYON-CHAZEAU knife and want to customize it for your company?
Contact us to discuss about the different possibilities for marking your logo or the text you want on our products or their boxes.

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Made in France
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