Prepare meals The kitchen knives
As their name suggests, cooking knives are dedicated to cooking.

The term of kitchen knives (or cooking knives) brings together a wide variety of small and large knives, all intended for specific use (raw fish cutting, pieces of meat slicing, boning, etc.). All professionals have their own set of kitchen knives, necessary to prepare all types of food, and have some of them in your kitchen will help you A LOT !

Two categories of cooking knives stand out because they are the most used: Chef’s knives and paring knives.

Chef’s knives or « kitchen knives » have a long, large and pointed blade. They are used for slicing vegetables or cutting pieces of meat and fish.

On the other hand, paring knives, are used for peeling, sorting or finely chopping. Their smal, thin anf pointed blade can be straight, or curved like bird’s beak.

Tableware and “good manners” The table knives
Table knives are intended to be used during meals rather than for cooking.

The main function of table knives is to allow the cutting of bites of prepared meals. They are thinner and more elegant than cooking knives.

There are also many different knives for table as:

  • Table knives
  • Steak knives
  • Cheese knives
  • Fish knives
  • Dessert knives
  • Butter knives

While they have an aesthetic role, during table dressing, each table knife remains associated with a specific function.

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Closing knives, folding knives The pocket knives
They are also named « pocket knives » or « closing knives ». These knives are designed to be carried anywhere, and always have a blade locking system for safety.

Among the main pocket knife locking systems you will find the forced notch, the locking ring, the pump, the thumbwheel, etc., all efficient and able to seduce their audience.

If, as for all other knives, ergonomics is a choice criterion, a special attention is generally paid to pocket knife’s aesthetics because it is both a companion, a tool and a “gem” that we love to use, to appropriate, show off, and personalize.

Many are those who make a collection of folding knives.

Variety in the materials used for the handles (wood, horns, bone, etc.) and blades (carbon, stainless steel, damask steels,…) also allow to find the folding knife that suits to each!


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