Set of 6 knives Le Thiers Pirou Prestige – Wooden handles

REF : PPIR00201


Le Thiers Pirou Prestige line features a "Pirou castle" hallmark on the bee, an emblematic nod to the oldest monument in Thiers.
The latter is accompanied by a chiselling on the tang and the blade.
This box offers 6 assorted woods or 6 knives of the same wood.

23.5 cm
1.5 cm
120 g
X46Cr13 stainless
le-thiers-pirou-prestige-set-of-6-knives Le Thiers Pirou Prestige set of 6 knives
Le Thiers Pirou Prestige

Table knives out of the ordinary

These top-of-the-range table knives offer an exclusive reading of the Thiers knife and respect the quality charter of the Brotherhood which watches over this protected model, as well as the manufacturing requirements of the GOYON-CHAZEAU house:

  • 100% French and artisanal manufacturing, in our workshop
  • Full tang cut blade 2.5mm thick, tempered in stainless steel X46Cr13 (53-54HRC)
  • Plunge line
  • Full blade cutting edge
  • Liners with bolster
  • Handmade chiselling on the tang and the blade
  • Rivets assemble
  • Picketing of the “T” on the handle
  • Matte finish

Sold in an oak wooden box

le-thiers-pirou-prestige-chiselled-knives Le Thiers Pirou Prestige, chiselled knives

Care instructions

We recommend to handwash wooden handles articles with a soft sponge.
Do not leave in prolonged contact with water or a heat source.
Wipe as soon as washing is completed.
Store in a dry place.

Sharpen the edge as soon as the knife seems to cut a little less well.

Wipe the handle from time to time with a drop of linseed oil or olive oil.

le-thiers-pirou-prestige-pitting-points Le Thiers Pirou Prestige pitting points

Feeling from the workshop

A knife is said to be “full tang” when the same piece of steel makes the blade and reinforces the entire handle.

The liners are positioned above, then come the sides, in wood or another material.

Finally, the picketing is made, on one side, by drilling the wood then inserting a steel wire.