Set of 6 Le Thiers Pirou full damas, mammoth variation



This luxurious premium box contains 6 Le Thiers Pirou full damascus table knives with mammoth handles and assorted damascus stainless steels.
The full tang blade, the added bolsters and the Château du Pirou are made of industrial damascus and the handles use different materials from mammoths.

The knives are made to order.
It is therefore possible to modify the assortment of colors according to your desires, by discussing with our team. :

23.5 cm
1.7 cm
124 g
Stainless damascus steel
le-thiers-pirou-full-damas-knives Le Thiers Pirou full damas knives
Never seen before

Full damascus knives

This luxurious set replaces the elements normally made of stainless steel with industrial damascus steel, produced using the powder metallurgy technique.
Three different damascus patterns are used to create this set (3 pairs of knives).

  • 100% french and handmade manufacturing, in our workshop
  • Hardened blade in damascus steel
  • Plunge line
  • Full grinding for a quality cutting edge
  • Chiselling on the back, forge-stamped
  • Chiselled stainless steel sides
  • 2 stainless steel damascus bolsters
  • Rivets assembly
  • Handles in stabilised mammoth molars, assorted colours
  • Brilliant finish

This set can be made from a variety of materials derived from the mammoth:

  • Mammoth molar (one cut lengthways and/or widthways),
  • Mammoth ivory (inner part of the outer tusk which has retained its ivory purity),
  • Mammoth crust (outer part of the external tusk, in contact with the ground),
  • Mammoth bone,
  • Mammoth pulp,
  • Mammoth shards (a mixture of the above materials).
le-thiers-pirou-full-damas-luxury-set Le Thiers Pirou Full damas luxury set, mammoth variation handles

Care instructions

Wash these knives by hand with a soft sponge without immersing them.
Do not leave the handle in prolonged contact with water or a source of heat.
Wipe dry immediately after washing.
Store in a dry place.

Sharpen the cutting edge as soon as the knife seems to cut less.

le-thiers-pirou-full-damas-knives-in-progress Le Thiers Pirou Full damas knives in progress

Feeling from the workshop

The rare and luxurious materials (mammoth and damask) used, combined with the meticulous work involved in making and finishing each component of each knife and the meticulous assembly, make this a rare and unusual set that we love to pamper!