There are several elements to take into account to choose the right knife: size, type of steel, handle material … The way you are going to use your knife is also a factor that will influence your choice.

The size

The size of your folding knife will depend on the size of your hand and the use you want to make.
A knife that will be daily used must be comfortable in hand. Indded, if it is too long, too thick, or on the contrary too small or thin, its use can quickly be unpleasant.

Conversely, if the knife has a particular vocation, its size will be related to its use rather than to the comfort of use. Thus a closing knife for hunting will necessarily have a large handle and a knife for handbag will voluntarily be small.

The blade

The choice of steel blade is an important criterion when you buy a knife, whatever it is for.

3 types of steel are generally proposed on folding knives :

  • stainless steel : ideal to resist corrosion and moisture.
  • carbon steel : softer, this steel offers the most powerful cutting edge but wears quickly.
  • damas steel: manual (handmade damas) or chemical (industrial damas or stainless damas) combination of several layers of steel with complementary virtues, it is a steel known for its robustness, its hardness … and its elegance!



The handle material

If handle plays a big rule in aesthetic, unique character and knife ergonomy, it is also the knife part that will reply to your use and solidity needs.

At Goyon-Chazeau, we offer several handle materials for your pocket knives :

  • woods, warm and robust.
  • horns, elegante andsophisticated.
  • carbon fiber, ultra-solid.
  • natural, rare and precious materials such as bone, warthog ivoy, mammouth horn… that bring to you knife an extraordinary and unique design.


Knife lovers or collectors, now it’s up to you !

Our cutlery factory Goyon-Chazeau is committed to offering you the best high-end pocket knives.

Le Thiers full handle folding knife meets all the uses for everyday life. This thin knife with Sandvik steel blade has a perfect cut.

Goyon-Chazeau’s Le Thiers Pirou pocket knife will please you thanks to its bolster, its forged spring with the Château du Pirou as a punch and its handle that we propose with about 20 diffent woods and horns.

Our Damascus blade folding knives are available with handmade damascus blade or stainless damascus, whose marbled appearance makes each blade unique.


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