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Knives play a central role in the culinary arsenal, with each type designed for a specific task that contributes to the art of food preparation. But how do you find your way, around all this choice of kitchen knives?

The chef’s knife is considered to be the most multi-purpose knife, with a long, wide blade ideal for chopping, dicing and mincing. It’s an indispensable tool for any cook.

The paring knife, is perfect for precision tasks such as peeling, carving or slicing fruit and vegetables.

For bread and pastry lovers, the bread knife with its serrated blade is essential for slicing without crushing.

Among all the kitchen knives there is also the filleting knife, also known as the fillet knife, with its long, flexible blade specially designed for removing the skin and bones from fish.

The boning knife, with its thin and curved blade, is an ideal choice for separating meat from bone.

For those who appreciate Asian cuisine, the Santoku knife, recognisable by its wider, shorter blade, is an excellent tool for slicing, chopping and dicing.

The Nakiri knife, with its straight blade, is specially designed for cutting vegetables.

And many more knives…

Each knife has its own role and speciality, enabling cooks to work with precision and efficiency.
By understanding the specific features and functions of each knife, chefs can optimise their preparation techniques and enhance their culinary experience by choosing the knives that suit them best.
A well-chosen assortment of knives is therefore essential for any cooking enthusiast wishing to explore and excel in the art of preparing varied and delicious meals.

Traditional, fusion, typical, selective… Choosing a knife to suit your cooking style Meeting specific needs
The choice of a kitchen knife should be closely linked to the style of cooking practised, as each type of knife is designed to meet the specific needs of different food preparation methods.

A classic chef’s knife is a must-have for anyone who loves French or Western cuisine. Its multi-purpose blade can chop, mince and cut a wide variety of ingredients, making it an essential tool for preparing traditional dishes.

Lovers of Asian cuisine, particularly Japanese cuisine, will find a precious ally in the Santoku knife.
With its shorter, wider blade, the Santoku is ideal for thinly slicing vegetables, fruit and meat, an essential feature for dishes requiring delicately prepared ingredients. For those who specialise in preparing sushi and sashimi, a Yanagiba knife, with its long, thin blade, is perfect for making clean, precise slices of fish.

In Italian cuisine, where tomatoes, cheeses and breads play a central role, a serrated bread knife and a specialised cheese knife can be very useful.
The bread knife makes it easy to cut hard-crusted breads and focaccias, while the cheese knife is designed to slice through cheeses of different consistencies without crushing them.

For those who regularly cook roasts or large cuts of meat, the choice of a slicing knife with a long, thin blade is essential for even, elegant slices.

Finally, for cooks who enjoy preparing vegetables and fruit, a Nakiri knife with its straight blade is perfect for fast, precise cutting.

So choosing a knife to match your cooking style not only helps you work more efficiently, but also enhances the quality and presentation of the dishes you prepare.
A set of knives well suited to your culinary style is an investment that enriches the cooking experience and opens the door to creative exploration of flavours and techniques.

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