Function and usefulness of the different knives and cutlery pieces used in France
Formerly purchased for wedding lists through cutlery sets of 50 to nearly 200 pieces, cutlery is nowadays bought more piecemeal according to needs and desires.
The 4 pcs set

Also called « table set », the 4 pieces set is a basic containg all that you need to eat correctly :

  • a table knife, for cutting. Originally, with a round tip, it is now sometimes replaced by a steak knife (pointed tip).
  • a table fork, for pricking,
  • a table spoon (or soup spoon) for collecting,
  • a coffee spoon (or tea spoon), easier to handle in small containers.

In some countries, such as USA, the table set consists of 5 cutlery articles : table knife, table fork, dessert fork, dessert spoon, tea spoon.

The serving pieces
These serving pieces are used for serving, from dishes to the plate, when the so-called “table” pieces are placed around the plate, are used for tasting.

The serving pieces are usually the first to complete a table set. It’s about:

  • the soup ladle : for serving soups ;
  • the serving pieces set : an enlarged version of the table fork and spoon for hot dishes serving ;
  • the salad set which, with its large spoon and fork, allow the salad leaves to be easily mixed with sauce, without putting them everywhere, and by better distributing the ingredients that can be added as a garnish.
    They also facilitate service, as much as they make it elegant, by allowing to collect large volumes!
  • the carving set : These 2 serving pieces can come from cooking knives lines or tableware lines.
    Carving knife has a thin 20cm blade, usually without teeth, to easily cut poultry or make slices.
    It comes with a chef’s (tuning fork-shaped) or classic (2 curved tines) carving fork which allows the meat to be held in place and thus improves cutting regularity and efficiency.
  • the bread knife which, thanks to its long, thin and serrated blade, allows you to make beautiful slices of bread or brioche when not used to cut pineapple or pumpkin…
Dessert and cake pieces

Dessert pieces (dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon) are a reduced representation of table pieces.
Created, as their name suggests, to taste desserts, they are also used on some tables for starters, soups, cheese …

Cake server and cake fork are complicit in sweet moments.
Manufactured according to goldsmith’s criteria, GOYON-CHAZEAU cake servers offer a real edge to cut and serve in a jiffy, and cake forks have a beveled tine to be able to make bites without difficulty.

Finally, smaller than the coofee/tea spoon, the mocha spoon will be perfect to low-height cups (for espresso, ristretto, short coffees…).

Fish and shellfish cutlery pieces
Fish cutlery pieces can be recognised thanks to their very particular form. They are specially dedicated to fish tasting.

The Fish knife is a little bit or not sharp, in order to detach the flesh from the skin and the edges without cutting them, anf the fish fork is large in order to collect flesh that can not be picked.

The “table” oyster knife does not open oysters but is here for tasting. It cuts their foot and help to peel off the shell, when the oyster fork brings the oyster to the mouth.

Top of the top, the fish serving set will help a lot to create and bring portions to the plates!


The French cutlery set is therefore made up of numerous pieces, all designed to best serve the dish(es) to which they are dedicated. And we have only presented here the main used pieces today!

Many others have had their hour of glory, still others respond to local specialties…

Tableware still adapts!

Cheese pieces and spreaders
Cleaver, fork and cheese knife : 3 serving pieces for the cheese tray!

The cheese cleaver is used to cut hard cheeses that will be served with the cheese fork.
The cheese knife is used to cut, pick and serve, thank to its long blade with 2 tines.
It is available in 2 sizes: the small one (the one delivered in GOYON-CHAZEAU’s cheese set) can be used as a cheese serving knife (for cheese tray) or as an individual cheese knife (for the plate); the large one will be used as a serving cheese knife only

These basic cheese pieces are sometimes supplemented by other service accessories specific to certain cheeses.

Ideal for spreading, the spreader well hold its name.
Its large, round blade and its small size make it the ideal partner for easily searing and spreading butter, jam, fresh cheeses and other aperitif spreads, on any type of gourmet support.

Rather for individual use (one spreader per guest or per spread paste), it is to be distinguished from the butter knife which, longer, is to be considered as a serving piece.

Foie gras cutlery pieces
Pieces dedicated to cutting and serving this exceptional French dish.

The foie gras knife presents a long blade and a very thin grinding that allow an easy and clear cutting for unshaped foie gras.

The foie gras wire will be used for shaped foie gras (cylinders, pavers) whose width will not exceed the wire’s lenght. It allows perfect cutting and considerably limits crumbs.

The foie gras spatula, with thin edges, allows to easily take and serve slices.