Le Thiers Pirou 12cm with corkscrew, kingwood

REF : 1047001TB


More than just a knife, Le Thiers Pirou is a life partner.

Handmade and meticulously finished, it embodies the  heritage of the city of Thiers and its centuries of cutlery tradition: forged and chiselled spring, Château du Pirou hallmark, T-shaped pitting.

This knife is a "2-piece": blade + corkscrew.

22 cm
Folded length
12 cm
1.5 cm
100 g
Blade length
About 9,5cm
12C27 stainless
Le-Thiers-Pirou-pocket-knives-kingwood Le Thiers Pirou pocket knives, kingwood
a pocket knife with stories to tell

Le Thiers Pirou

Born from the joint reflection of an entire profession of knife makers and an associative approach unique in Europe, Le Thiers bears the name of its city, the French capital of cutlery.
Le Thiers Pirou pocket knife is one of the interpretations of the knife:

  • 100% French handcraft production in our workshop
  • Forced notch
  • Forged hardened blade in 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel
  • Full blade cutting edge
  • Plunge line
  • 1 bolster
  • Forged 5 turns corkscrew
  • Rivets assembly
  • T pitting points
  • Handmade chiselling on a forged spring
le-thiers-pirou-pocket-knives Le Thiers Pirou 12cm pocket knives

Care instructions

We recommend wiping the blade by hand with a soft sponge.
Do not leave in prolonged contact with water, a heat source or chemical products.
Avoid strong temperature variations.
Store the knife in its pouch.

Wipe the handle from time to time with a drop of linseed oil or olive oil to restore its shine.

Remove any deposits of material that may slip inside the mechanism and affect the operation of the knife.

Sharpen the edge as soon as the knife seems to cut a little less well.

wood-chips-for-handles Wood chips for handles

Feeling from the workshop

LE THIERS® knife was created in July 1994 by the “Confrérie du couteau Le Thiers” (Le Thiers knife brotherhood).
It is a protected model for its shape, the traceability of its components and its territoriality: only a cutler established in the Thiers area for at least 5 years can make a Le Thiers knife.