How to properly hold a kitchen knife?

First of all, it is important to hold your knife firmly, in order to guarantee more strength and stability in your cuts. One of the main risks lies in the fact of letting go and dropping your knife on the ground.

It is possible that you will spontaneously place your index finger on the back of the blade, thinking to maximize the balance of your knife. However, this does not ensure a very good holding of the knife.

This gesture maximizes the risk of injury because you can lose control of the blade when you press to cut.


You can also fold your thumb and index finger directly over the handle (hammer grip). In this case, you have to hold the handle more firmly, since you have no hold on the blade itself.

To cut safely, bend your index finger and thumb over the side of the blade to hold the knife sideways.

This will give you more adequate support for cutting with a knife in complete safety.

A few tips to make cutting easier
There are a few tricks for cutting food more efficiently.

The hand that holds the food, it is essential to bend the fingers in a hook, in order to avoid cutting yourself. This will also make the cut more fluid and rhythmic, which will follow the movement of your hand. The blade must always remain straight.

If you’re using a curved-edged knife, keep the part of the blade near the tip stuck to the board. You will only have to make a pendulum movement to cut your food and fatigue will be less felt in the arm.

Don’t try to go too fast! An accident can happen quickly… Concentrate above all on the proper execution of the cutting gesture. By dint of repetitions, the right hand / left hand synchronization – which may seem difficult at first – will become more automatic and the movement will be more natural and faster.

Finally, for optimal cutting and greater durability, it is very important to sharpen your knife!


You now have all the keys to cut like a chef, it’s up to you!