Stylver series spring 12cm, olive wood

REF : 1567002


Inspired by the lines of Mediterranean knives and the quest for perfect ergonomics, the Stylver closing knife offers an incomparable grip.

The serial spring has an elegant machine chisseling pattern.

21 cm
Folded length
12.5 cm
1.5 cm
95 g
Blade length
About 9,5cm
12C27 stainless
Stylver-series-spring Stylver series spring
Ready to cut


This knife is 100% made in France, designed and handmade in our workshop:

  • Forged hardened blade in 12C27 stainless steel
  • Plunge line
  • Full blade cutting edge
  • Spring séries : machine chiselling
  • Forced notch
  • 1 bolster
  • Rivets assembly

Sold in paperboard box with simili leather pouch

stylver-pocket-knives-2-versions Two versions of Stylver pocket knife

Care instructions

We recommend wiping the blade by hand with a soft sponge.
Do not leave in prolonged contact with water, a heat source or chemical products.
Avoid strong temperature variations.
Store the knife in its pouch.

Wipe the handle from time to time with a drop of linseed oil or olive oil to restore its shine.

Remove any deposits of material that may slip inside the mechanism and affect the operation of the knife.

Sharpen the edge as soon as the knife seems to cut a little less well.

Forced-notch-principle Forced notch principle

Feeling from the workshop

This pocket knife combines style, efficiency and ergonomics.

You’ll be cutting right from the blade opening.